Reader’s Opinion : The Sins of Science

Critical of creationists and evolutionists alike, this book may change the way the reader has thought about life and the universe so far.

How long does the scientific community have to accept “instincts” as the unique and simplistic explanation of so many wonders of animal behavior?

How much can science do to repair the damage left by humanity in its path?

The Seven Sins reflects on man’s inability to look at himself as a tiny fact of reality. In line with the original spirit of science, the methodical doubt, the author vindicates dis-accord as opposed to certainty and determinism and then raises questions that paradoxically the scientific community does not want to ask.

To whom dedicate their lives to science, I hope it brings some light upon their Good Samaritan path.

To whom, like me, look and wait from outside, I hope they understand that they are not alone.

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